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Good Earth takes an entirely new approach to rodent control. We offer unique solutions in which we completely seal up your home and remove any rodents within it. Our method is successful and long-lasting, giving you years of rodent free living and peace-of-mind.

Our 4 Step Process

1. Initial Inspection: Your initial inspection will identify possible rodent entry points and areas of concern in and around your home or structure. Our Home Services Team will educate you and provide expertise found nowhere else. With this survey, you will receive information on what we found and a bid for us to do the exclusion work and trapping.

2. Exclusion: Good Earth offers full pest exclusion. We will seal up your home or structure, eliminating any entry points for rodents. This offers a long-lasting solution, creating a safer and more sanitary living environment. Our exclusion work carries a 1 year warranty that is renewable.

3. Trapping: Our trapping process allows us to remove any rodents remaining in the structure once it is sealed up. This program usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

4. Ongoing Service: After the exclusion and trapping is completed, you have the opportunity to continue on protecting your home with our Premiere Insect Plus Rodent Program. While on this program, your home is covered for any rodent reentry and there is no additional cost for trapping or extra service visits.





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Take the worry out of your pest concerns. We have several timely solutions to cover your scheduling needs.

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As a local, family business Good Earth Pest is focused on providing environmentally responsible solutions that give our clients the best possible results. That commitment extends to providing systems that make working with us a breeze.

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