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Every Other Month Service Program
YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION:Provides (6) every other month visits so that all of the services are completed within a 12-month period. It will not be necessary for you to leave your house nor do you need to be home while these protective services are being performed.

EXTERIOR AND/OR INTERIOR: Areas vulnerable to attack by pests will be inspected and preventative action will be taken accordingly. Our integrated Pest Management approach provides highly trained technicians identifying conducive conditions such as heavy vegetation, rodent entry points, storage, earth to wood contact, improperly stored food products, unsanitary conditions and many other environmental situations that may attract and support unwanted pests or rodents.

OUR SERVICE PROGRAM COVERS: Small Ants, Carpenter Ants, Crickets, Wasp Nests, Spiders, Earwigs, *Rats/Mice, Sow Bugs, Centipedes and Roach infestation are all included in this program.
* Rodent control will require an initial one-time installation fee for rodent equipment.

REDUCE YOUR RISK: against many other pests! While Bi-Monthly prevention will help deter many other pests from entering your premises such as wood-boring insects, mites, ticks, box elder bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, mosquito's, flies and other free-flying insects. These pests are not covered under our Bi-Monthly service program, as their inclusion may require additional visits, which would not allow us to keep this protective service so reasonably priced.

FREE OF CHARGE: If pests return in between regularly scheduled service visits, so will Good Earth Pest Company, at no additional charge! Our office can be easily contacted for QUICK RESPONSE if reinfestaion occurs. All services are performed during regular business hours.

ALL MATERIALS ARE BIODEGRADABLE AND REGISTERED: with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. However, these materials will need to be reinforced at regular intervals to protect your interests and investment against pests. Only our Bi-Monthly Service Protection Program combined with sound pest management solutions can provide your property with this protection.

IDENTIFICATION AND SOLUTIONS: Our services are particularly aimed at proper inspection, proper identification, monitoring, habitat modification and environmental manipulation, which are extremely beneficial in controlling and preventing future pest problems.

* If at any time you should require the need of our professional services other than those provided in your Bi-Monthly Service Program, they will be performed at a discounted rate.










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As a local, family business Good Earth Pest is focused on providing environmentally responsible solutions that give our clients the best possible results. That commitment extends to providing systems that make working with us a breeze.

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